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Communities & Corridors - Transportation Plans

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Community plans and pages are being posted here

Since 2006, MCOG has worked with our local Mendocino County communities to plan for and fund livability and safety improvements where a state highway serves as Main Street. Involving a wide range of stakeholders along with design consultants, community preferences are envisioned and priorities identified with creative solutions such as traffic calming, bicycle and pedestrian ways, and beautification that express the unique character of each place. Funding sources include Caltrans Community Based Transportation Planning grants, Environmental Justice planning grants, State Planning & Research, and Safe Routes to Schools grants. Additional sources are available to implement plans.

These pages are intended to keep each community informed of the progress of their transportation plans: priorities identified, actions taken, projects completed, and funding opportunities for implementation of outstanding needs and projects.

Dates indicate when plans were completed and accepted by MCOG:

  • 2006 - Gualala
  • 2008 - Laytonville
  • 2010 - Point Arena
  • 2011 - Westport
  • 2012 - Rails With Trails
  • 2013 - SR 1 Corridor - Pacific Coast
  • 2014 - SR 128 Corridor - Anderson Valley
  • 2014 - SR 162 Corridor - Covelo/Round Valley
  • 2015 - Hopland
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