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Board Members

MCOG is overseen by a board consisting of two Mendocino County supervisors, a countywide public appointee, and one council member from each of the four incorporated cities: Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Willits, and Point Arena. A representative of Caltrans serves on the Policy Advisory Committee with the seven directors.

As appointed by their respective jurisdications, the following representatives are serving for the calendar year 2022:

Dan Gjerde, Chair and Transit Productivity Committee - County of Mendocino

Scott Ignacio, Vice Chair - City of Point Arena

Tess Albin-Smith, Executive Committee and CALCOG Delegate - City of Fort Bragg

Jim O. Brown, Transit Productivity Committee - City of Ukiah

John Haschak - County of Mendocino

Greta Kanne - City of Willits

Michael G. Carter - Countywide Public Appointee



Glenn McGourty - County of Mendocino

Mari Rodin - City of Ukiah

Pending - City of Fort Bragg

Larry Stranske - City of Willits

Anna Dobbins - City of Point Arena  


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