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Gualala Community Action Plan and Downtown Design Plan

May contain: water, nature, outdoors, land, shoreline, promontory, reservoir, sea, and ocean

[This page is under construction; updates will be posted.]

ATP application attachment 9.14.2020:

ATP attachment June 16 2006 workshop presentation.pdf

Updates from MCOG's board meeting of October 7, 2019:

Gualala Streetscape-staff report 10-7-2019.pdfGualala Update-Caltrans report to MCOG 10-7-2019.pdf

Links to “StreetMix” depicting the typical section agreed to by the community at the October 1, 2019 public meeting:


Gualala Community Action Plan: (2 MB)

Gualala Community Action Plan 3-28-2007(web).pdf

Downtown Design Plan: (12 MB and 35 MB)

GDDTP Final Report 3-2-2009w-Appx(web).pdfGualala-RRM Final Report 6-29-2012(web).pdf
May contain: human, person, clothing, footwear, shoe, apparel, pants, sunglasses, accessory, and accessories
MCOG tour group in 2012
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