Laytonville Traffic Calming & Downtown Revitalization Plan Implementation

2006 walking audit of downtown area

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Completed in 2008, this project was .funded by a Community Based Transportation Planning Grant and sponsored by MCOG. Partners included Caltrans District 1, Laytonville Area Municipal Advisory Council (LAMAC), County of Mendocino, Local Government Commission, Cahto Tribe, and a professional design team. Public workshops were held in Laytonville.

Laytonville Traffic Calming and Revitalization Plan:

Laytonville Plan-front matter.pdfLaytonville Plan-Part1.pdf
Laytonville Plan-Part2-Ch3-5.pdfLaytonville Plan-Part2-Ch6-9.pdfLaytonville Plan-Appx_A-H.pdfLaytonville Plan-Appx_I-Toolbox.pdf