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Take our Quick Survey for Mobility Solutions

October 4, 2022 - MCOG is studying transportation needs and solutions for Brooktrails, Covelo, Hopland, Laytonville and Potter Valley. Please click here: to take our 5-minute survey about your transportation needs and possible solutions. You could win $100!

For more ways to participate online, visit the project website. Pin your destinations on the interactive map, tell your story, and take the survey here: 

Mobility Solutions Study | Social Pinpoint (

More details:

MCOG Mobility Solutions flyer-Brooktrails.pdfMCOG Mobility Solutions flyer-Covelo.pdfMCOG Mobility Solutions flyer-Hopland.pdfMCOG Mobility Solutions flyer-Laytonville.pdfMCOG Mobility Solutions flyer-Potter.pdfNews Release-MCOG Invites Brief Survey 2022-10-04-bilingual.pdf


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