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Mobility Solutions Study Reports for Review & Comment - Update

August 7, 2023 - AMMA has submitted Volume 3 - Rural Mobility Action Plan, the remaining deliverable report component, for acceptance by MCOG's Board of Directors at its regular meeting on August 14. To view or download the report and all other project documents, visit the project website through the "Go To Documents" link below. For more information, visit MCOG's Meetings page.

March 14, 2023 - MCOG's study of transportation needs and solutions for Brooktrails, Covelo, Hopland, Laytonville and Potter Valley is ongoing. Results of all community workshops and outreach have been analyzed by our consultant AMMA Transit Planning, and draft reports are now available that include each target community.

To view or download the following documents, visit the project website:

  • Rural Mobility Action Plan - added August 7, 2023
  • Presentation to the Technical Advisory Group - added June 27, 2023
  • Needs Assessment - Executive Summary
  • Needs Assessment - Full Report
  • Solutions Research & Analysis

Community members and stakeholders are invited to comment on the reports and options proposed for consideration. An additional round of public outreach will occur in the next few months. Thanks to all for your continued interest in this project.


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Branscomb Road in northwest Mendocino County  Credit: J. Orth
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