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MCOG Budget

View or download the current budget:

June 7, 2021 - MCOG adopted the FY 2021/22 Budget at its regular meeting.

MCOG Budget FY2021-22-Adopted(web).pdf


February 26, 2021 - MCOG has released the annual Area Apportionment of estimated Local Transportation Fund revenue to eligible claimants, as approved by the Executive Committee yesterday. This is the first step of developing the draft FY 2021/22 budget under state TDA law.

Area Apportionment 2021-22 w-transmittal.pdf


View or download the prior-year budget:

MCOG Budget FY2020-21-Adopted(web).pdf

The amendment of December 7, 2020 added state grants for housing planning, known as Regional Early Action Planning (REAP) program funds.

MCOG Budget FY2020-21-Amended(web).pdf

The amendment of April 5, 2021 allocated the optional two percent of Local Transportation Funds for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, which had been held in temporary reserve pending actual revenues.

MCOG Budget FY2020-21-Amended2(web).pdf

View or download the Area Apportionment of Local Transportation Fund revenue to eligible claimants. This is a first step in the annual budget development process, as required by the Transportation Development Act (TDA).

Area Apportionment 2020-21 w-transmittal.pdf


Earlier budgets are available by request; please see Contact Us under About MCOG on our website.


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