Annual Transportation Planning Program

On June 4, 2018, MCOG adopted the Fiscal Year 2018/19 Planning Overall Work Program (OWP). There are 19 work elements including transportation planning projects of two Cities, the County, Mendocino Transit Authority, and MCOG.

OWP FY2018-19-Final adopted(web).pdf


Previous Year's Planning Program - FY 2017/18:

Adopted 6/5/2017 (1.5 MB):

OWP FY2017-18-Final adopted(web).pdf

Amended 8/21/2017 - complete document (1.5 MB):

OWP FY2017-18-Amendmt1-complete(web).pdf

Amended 8/21/2017 - amended excerpts (945 KB):

OWP FY2017-18-Amendmt1-excerpts(web).pdf

Amended 11/6/20017 - complete document (2.1 MB):

OWP FY2017-18-Amendmt2-complete(web).pdf


Participants in the SR 128 Corridor Valley Trail Feasibility Study in Boonville, Nov. 2013.