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2022/23 Transportation Planning Program

On June 6, 2022, MCOG's Board of Directors adopted the Fiscal Year 2022/23 Planning Overall Work Program (OWP). The program comprises 14 work elements including transportation planning projects of three Cities, the County, Mendocino Transit Authority and MCOG. The OWP was amended August 15 to carry over and reprogram funds unexpended in the prior year.

View or download the OWP: 

OWP FY2022-23-Final adopted(web).pdfOWP FY2022-23-Amendment1.pdf


May contain: printed map, marker pens, handwritten notes
Example of community planning workshop notes. Credit: J. Orth

Previous Year's Planning Program - FY 2021/22:

OWP FY2021-22-Final adopted(web).pdfOWP FY2021-22-Amendmt4(web).pdf


Previous Year's Planning Program - FY 2020/21:

OWP FY2020-21-Final adopted(web).pdfOWP FY2020-21-Amendmt4(web).pdf
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