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2020 Regional Transportation Improvement Program Adopted

December 2, 2019 - MCOG's board adopted the 2020 RTIP by resolution after a public hearing, based on the recommendations of its Technical Advisory Committee and staff.

New programming goes to these projects:

  • $232,000 to North State Street Intersection/Interchange Improvement (Ukiah)
  • $900.000 to Gualala Downtown Streetscape
  • $703,000 to Roundabout at Low Gap and North Bush (Ukiah)
  • $235,000 to Planning, Programming & Monitoring (MCOG)
  • Total of $2,070,000 of new programming
Aerial view of downtown Gualala, California
Aerial view of downtown Gualala from 2009 Downtown Design Plan

Prior commitments carried forward are:

  • $1,602,000 to North State Street Intersection & Interchange Improvements (Construction)
  • Up to $3,050,000 to Gualala Downtown Streetscape (Construction)

Project phases are spread over fiscal years 2020/21 through 2024/25.

The document was submitted to the State as required for funding in the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). View or download the RTIP:

MCOG 2020 RTIP-Final adopted.pdf
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