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Mendocino County Pedestrian Needs Assessment and Engineered Feasibility Study

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June 27, 2019 - The final Mendocino Pedestrian Needs Master Document is now complete. This report considers prior plans, existing conditions, and public and agency input to create a comprehensive list with descriptions of projects to make it easier to walk in Mendocino County. - Accepted 6/3/2019 (with direction to finalize plan)

NOTE: The project website at is closed as of May 2020.

Body of study (36 MB):

Final Mendo Ped Needs Master Document_6_12_2019(web).pdf


Appx A South Coast Existing Conditions 2018-08-31(web).pdfAppx B North-Inland Existing Conditions 2018-02-26(web).pdfAppx C South Coast Public Input (web).pdfAppx D North Coast Public Input (web).pdfAppx E Cost Estimates(web).pdfAppx F Evaluation Results(web).pdfAppx G Funding Summary(web).pdf



Ukiah neighborhood in need of pedestrian facilities.

June 29, 2018 - This study is now well underway. The project will evaluate the needs, priorities, and feasibility of improving pedestrian facilities in the region, and provide options and recommendations leading to the eventual construction of new and infill pedestrian facilities.  The public will be engaged through surveys, workshops, and through a project-dedicated website during 2018 to allow the Pedestrian Needs Study to be finalized by June 2019.

The project is led by TrailPeople - Landscape Architects and Planners with a team of experts, under Work Elements 19 and 21 of MCOG's Transportation Planning program through state and regional funds,

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