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CTC Town Hall Meets Mendocino


CTC Town Hall
Lovingly restored DeTurk Round Barn interior, Santa Rosa

The California Transportation Commission traveled to Santa Rosa in April to hear from Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma Counties in one of their periodic Town Hall events, MCOG staff attended along with two other city and county representatives.

Presentations were made by Executive Director Phil Dow, County Transportation Director Howard Dashiell, and Point Arena City Manager Richard Shoemaker, giving an overview of Mendocino County transportation priorities and challenges. Lake and Sonoma officials made similar points from their own regional perspectives.

Many of the commissioners were in attendance. Although no action was to be taken at this meeting, it was a rare opportunity to have the ear of these decision makers.

The Town Hall was held in the historic DeTurk Round Barn in the neighborhood of Railroad Square. The following day, the guests were treated to a ride on the SMART passenger rail line to Novato.

Photos by J. Orth

CTC Town Hall
Richard Shoemaker makes the case for his small coastal town.
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