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Board of Directors - Public Hearing Continued: Adoption of 2022 Regional Transportation Plan

Highlights of this first meeting of 2022 include the continued public hearing on CEQA negative declaration finding and adoption of the 2022 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) & Active Transportation Plan (ATP); our annual public hearing on Unmet Transit Needs; a presentation on the new Rural Regional Energy Network (REN) with action to approve an MOU for participation in the program; and a report on status of the Covelo Trail project..

Find links to the RTP/ATP documents below. The meeting will be conducted by Zoom teleconference as usual. Thanks to all for your interest in these regional issues in our community.

P.S. Under Reports, #15a flyer for Hopland community meeting has been pulled due to a postponement. More information: Hopland ADA | Caltrans

P.P.S. Apologies for some technical difficulties with links to web pages in the agenda packet this month; please contact our staff if any assistance is needed.

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