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Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) - Annual Unmet Transit Needs Workshop

This meeting of the SSTAC kicks off the annual Unmet Transit Needs cycle, under the Transportation Development Act (TDA). In this workshop, needs will be identified and a list forwarded to MCOG's public hearing on February 7, 2022 for the record.

Unmet Needs notice 2022-23.pdf

Following the hearing, the MCOG Board refers all unmet transit needs to Mendocino Transit Authority for analysis. MCOG's Transit Productivity Committee meets in spring, reviews the analysis and makes a recommendation to the Board of any needs "reasonable to meet" by adopted definition. The SSTAC also reconvenes to review and recommend. In June, as part of budget adoption, the Board makes a finding, and "reasonable-to-meet" needs, if any, are to be funded in MTA's claim or by other means.

As the list is developed and completed, it can be found in MCOG's agenda packets and on this website.


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