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Welcome to MCOG, the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) for our countywide region-- "a cog in the wheels of our transportation system."

The purpose of the Mendocino Council of Governments is
to assist local governments in planning to address common needs, cooperating for mutual benefit,
and coordinating for sound regional, community, and intercommunity development.

MCOG’s mission is to provide regional, community, and intercommunity transportation planning,
to administer transportation funding and financing,
to represent Mendocino County’s interests at higher levels of government,
to develop transportation projects for future funding,
to provide technical assistance for transportation project delivery,
to support rural/public transportation services,
to administer grants for transportation/community enhancement projects, and
to provide a forum to facilitate discussion on other matters of regional importance.

MCOG's Vision:
Regional and local government working together to connect communities,
create thriving town centers, and develop healthy, livable neighborhoods
for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders.

Mission and Vision adopted by the Board of Directors 12/6/2010

Acting as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency, MCOG disburses state and federal funds for transportation and provides regional planning. Occasionally the Council serves as a regional forum.

MCOG is responsible for preparing the Regional Transportation Plan, and funded projects are to be consistent with the Plan. Projects involve planning, capital improvements, rehabilitation and maintenance, public transit fleet replacement, and multi-modal facilities.

MCOG is overseen by a board consisting of two Mendocino County supervisors, a countywide public appointee, and one council member from each of the four incorporated cities: Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Willits, and Point Arena. A representative of Caltrans serves on the Policy Advisory Committee with the seven directors.

Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG) was formed as a joint powers agreement in 1972, as mandated by state law, the Transportation Development Act (TDA). MCOG is a political subdivision of the State of California.

MCOG serves as the Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) of Mendocino County, administering the call box program since 1994. MCOG also is involved with housing and economic development.


Photos by Janet Orth

MCOG Offers Opportunity to Partner on Bike & Ped Projects
A second cycle of the State's Active Transportation Program (ATP) grants will be open March-April. Requests are due to MCOG by March 25. Press release

Hopland Main Street/101 Study
MCOG, Caltrans and a consultant team are conducting a Complete Streets study along Main Street, US-101 and SR-175.A community design workshop was held on February 11 and 12.
Details in English
Details in Spanish
Media release
Project website

MCOG Staff Reorganization
Effective October 1, 2014, staffing services are under new contracts. Dow & Associates joins the newly formed Davey-Bates Consulting to continue serving both the Mendocino and Lake regional transportation planning agencies.
Organization chart / contact info

MCOG Agrees to Share in Added Costs of Willits Bypass
At its meeting December 1, MCOG unanimously approved Caltrans’ request to commit a share of funds to cover increased costs to complete construction of the U.S. 101 Bypass of Willits project. MCOG’s share, at the long-established rate of 15 percent, is approximately $9,705,000.
Press release
Project page

Soon visionmendocino2030.org documents will be migrated to mendocinocog.org. The Regional Blueprint Plan was adopted by MCOG on December 2, 2013.
Final Blueprint Plan (11 MB)
Tools & Resources (pdf)
Tools & Resources (Word)

MCOG Budget Adopted
The Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget was adopted by the Board of Directors on June 2, 2014.
FY2014-15 Budget (2.7 MB)

Annual Transportation Planning Work Program Adopted
The Fiscal Year 2014/15 program was adopted by the Council in June. To Reports & Projects page

State Route 128 Corridor
Valley Trail Feasibility Study

This Community Based Transportation Planning grant-funded study is now complete.
SR128 Valley Trail web page

More grant info
This is MCOG's seventh annual Caltrans CBTP award. More project info:
Round Valley/Covelo
Rails With Trails
Gualala Ph.1 and 2
Point Arena

Mendocino County Safe Routes to School Plan
This plan was completed in April 2014 and is now available with a useful toolkit and information.
To Reports & Projects page

Mendocino County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE)
In January, the first call boxes in the nation using satellite communications were deployed in Mendocino County.
Press Release
To SAFE page

CTC's Annual Report to the Legislature
The California Transportation Commission has released its 2013 report, available online.
Download report from CTC

North State Transportation for
Economic Development Study
This report presents the case for
ongoing transportation investment in the 16-county North State Super Region. - Oct. 2013
Full Compendium Report (10 MB)
NSSR website

Mendocino County Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Plan
This Regional Readiness Plan was presented and accepted by MCOG August 19, 2013.
Reports page

Regional Housing Needs Allocation
MCOG has adopted the 2013 RHNA Plan, which allocates State projected housing needs among the Cities and County for planning purposes. The public comment period is now closed.
2013 RHNA (2 MB)
More information

2012 Regional Bikeway Plan
The Final Plan was adopted by MCOG on June 4, 2012.
Bikeway Plan webpage

Regional Transportation Plan 2010 Update
This update was adopted by MCOG on September 19, 2011 in a public hearing.
To RTP page

North State Super Region
MCOG is a signatory to a newly created association of regional transportation planning agencies from 16 counties. Link

Transportation Acronyms Demystified
Alphabetical list
More details

photo by Janet Orth