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More Committee Meetings

Magnolia trees bloom each spring in downtown Ukiah at the courthouse.

The Transit Productivity Committee (TPC) meets April 13, 2020 for review and recommendations on annual transit performance, unmet transit needs, MTA's FY 2020/21 claim for funds and related matters. Please be advised this will be a remote teleconference only, with ability for the public to comment during the meeting by calling the number indicated on the agenda. See Contact Us on this website for assistance.

MCOG-TPC agenda 2020-04-13.pdf


Past agendas and minutes:

MCOG-TPC agenda 2019-05-21.pdfMCOG-TPC minutes 2019-05-21.pdfMCOG-TPC agenda 2019-05-02.pdfMCOG-TPC minutes 2019-05-02.pdf



MCOG-TPC agenda 2018-05-17.pdfMCOG-TPC minutes 20180517.pdf




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