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State Route 128 Corridor Valley Trail
Engineered Feasibility Study

This study is now complete. The project was funded by Caltrans through a Fiscal Year 2012/13 Community Based Transportation Planning grant of $135,000 with a $15,000 local match from MCOG. The professional team of Alta Planning + Designwith its subcontractors GHD Engineering and Local Government Commission was selected to work with local stakeholders and prepare the study, in partnership with Caltrans District 1 and MCOG.

Project updates, materials, and results are posted to this page.


Final Study - for acceptance by MCOG Board on Aug. 18
 7.5 MB
Final Study Appendices  7/28/2014
 6 MB
Alta's Presentation to MCOG Board of Directors
4.7 MB
Alta will make a presentation on the Draft Study to MCOG's Board of Directors at their meeting on Monday, June 2. Public comments will be heard. Agenda
53 KB
By popular demand, Public Comment on the Draft Study is extended through Sunday, June 8, 2014.
Community Announcement: Draft Study Open for Public Comment May 10-25, 2014 - Extended to Friday, May 30
 113 KB
Draft Study Report - Public Review Draft
 6.8 MB
Draft Study Appendices - Public Review Draft
5.9 MB
Presentation - Community Workshop #2
7.8 MB
Existing Conditions Report - Public Review Draft
2.4 MB
Press Release: Valley Trail Workshop #2
118 KB
DRAFT Design Concepts - For TAG Review, Meeting #3
6.7 MB
Save the Date: Community Workshop #2 on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 5pm to 7pm, Fairgrounds in Boonville
Alta's Presentation to TAG - Meeting #2  12/12/2013
 7 MB
LGC's Presentation to Community Workshop
10 MB
Community Workshop Agenda 11/14/2013
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Community Workshop Maps 11/14/2013
14 MB
Alta's Tool Kit for Focus Groups - Nov. 12-14 11/12/2013
10 MB
Invitation to Community Events - Nov. 12 and 14 10/30/2013

165 KB

Alta's Presentation to TAG - Meeting #1
9.2 MB
Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Agenda #1  9/19/2013
112 KB
Request for Proposals (closed) 5/29/2013
924 KB
FY 2012/13 Work Element 19 - MCOG Program Element
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Study Objectives

The State Route 128 corridor extends from the Sonoma/ Mendocino County line near Cloverdale to the SR 128/SR 1 junction in Mendocino County, a distance of approximately 51 miles. The purpose of this project is to study the feasibility of a multi-use non-motorized path and develop a final plan that provides implementable options leading to the eventual funding, planning, designing, and construction of a shared-use valley trail, in prioritized segments.

The consultant team will work closely with MCOG, Caltrans, and a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) representing stakeholders. An extensive public outreach process (including two community workshops and separate focus group meetings) will be undertaken to gain community and stakeholder input on the proposed Valley Trail project. Caltrans’ involvement will be integral to the feasibility study of this proposed shared-use transportation facility along the state highway.

The proposed multi-use trail will be divided into sections based on several factors, including geography; community need; landowner support; ease of construction; and a cost-benefit analysis. These factors will to be used to prioritize sections for implementation and construction.

The Final Plan will be used to advance the Valley Trail project through next steps. MCOG, Caltrans, the County of Mendocino, and local agencies will be able to utilize the Final Plan to seek federal, state, regional and/or local funding for implementation of priority segments. This will include design, environmental analysis and permitting, construction of improvements, and on-going maintenance of the facility. The Plan will also be used to inform decision makers with pertinent information on future highway/streets/roads projects that may have an effect on the Valley Trail.

Project stakeholders comprise a varied mix of individuals and groups within the Anderson Valley and the larger corridor, as well as governmental and agency partners. Participation by a broad group of interests will ensure that the Feasibility Study (and resultant Final Plan) will promote community identity and result in realistic recommendations that are technically feasible and supported by the community.

For more information about the project, contact: Janet at MCOG, (707) 463-1859

For more information about the community: Valley Trail Coalition

For more information about grants: Caltrans Transportation Planning Grant Program



Photos by Janet Orth & courtesy of Alta Planning + Design